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Heather Dent

I was a 4/5 grade teacher, and an interactive social studies presenter who traded the credentials in for my dream job of being a stay-at-home Mommy to my 3 boys! I started my oily journey thanks to the kindness and generosity of family and friends that I knew who had already fallen in love with the amazing oils that Young Living offers. These ladies were other moms who simply shared samples of their own oil collection with me when they would hear about something going on in the lives of my family....toddler having trouble sleeping-try my Young Living Lavender ....kids fighting seasonal allergies-here's a roller I made for you to try using Young Living oils...needing muscle support from crossfit- have you tried Young Living Peppermint or Deep Relief? I found myself so impressed with how there literally was an oil for everything! I finally made the leap into buying my own kit (and not just individual oils) when the friend I signed up under let me borrow a diffuser to diffuse the Thieves I owned when my house needed immunity support. I couldn't wait to get my kit to start putting the oils to work for my family, and to have the foundation of oils to start sharing them with my family members and friends who hadn't heard of Young Living. I am excited to see where my journey with Young Living takes me because not only do I feel empowered caring for my family and friends when I use them, but because I have seen first hand the generosity of individuals in this group which speaks very highly to what type of company Young Living is. 

Favorite Oil: Thieves

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