Essential Rewards

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The Essential Rewards Program

What is Essential Rewards?

ER is a monthly auto-ship program where you earn points toward free product each month.

How much do I have to spend each month?

You must order a minimum of 50PV per month.  PV is Personal Volume, which generally translates to dollar for dollar.

Can you explain ER a little more?

The longer you are on ER, the higher your percentage in points you will receive:

  • Months 1-3 earns 10% back in points
  • Months 4-24 earns 20% back in points
  • Months 25+ earns 25% back in points

So for example, if you place a 100PV order in your first month, you earn 10 points back!  Once you have been on the program for 3 months and have enough points stored up, you can shp for FREE product & turn your points in.  Look for the PV value of a product and if you have enough ER points saved up, you can get that product.

You are able to select the products you want and the processing date each month.  If one month you want to get 5 bottles of Thieves and the next month you want to get a 4-pack of Ningxia Red, you can!  You can switch it each month or keep it the same. PLUS you get a reduced shipping rate!

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced shipping rates
  • Earn a percentage back in points of every ER order to use toward FREE product
  • Change your product every month or keep it the same
  • Change the date of your order
  • Loyalty gifts given at 3, 6, 9, & 12 months on the program
  • No risk, cancel at any time (just make sure you use your free points first)

Does Young Living offer more than just oils?

YES! Young Living is so much more than just essential oils.  We have been able to replace most of our household products that we were previously purchasing from Amazon or Target with Young Living products!  You can find shampoos, soaps, laundry detergent, hand purifier, household cleaner, lotions, toothpaste, Ningxia Red, & so much more!  While we find a great benefit to stocking up our shelves with oils, your ER order does not have to consist only of essential oils.  Find the products you need each month & start earning points back for products you would have to buy anyway!