Friday Favorites


Hi friends! I'm Dannielle, and before I share my top 5 favorite oils here is a little about me:  I have been married for 12 1/2 years and we have 2 boys and 2 dogs. We live in sunny San Diego. I love being outdoors and going on adventures. I love flowers and froyo.

My top 5 favorite oils right now are:


Oola Finance-

This one is great for when you are dealing with money! I like to put it behind my ears, and on my wrists. I usually wear it when going to work, when I need to make big financial decisions, budgeting, etc. it helps promote clarity, and feelings of abundance. The oola mantra for finance: I am financially free and living abundantly.


Citrus Fresh-

This one is great to pair with purification in your diffuser. It helps to eliminate odors in the air. And smells so yummy and clean. If you love any of the citrus oils you will definitely love this one. Also you'll want to Break this bad boy out anytime you want to give your water an extra little pep. One drop in your water and then give a light stir and drink up!



It's one of the oils in panaway and is so delightful all by itself. I love mixing wintergreen and coconut oil together and then massaging into all of my muscles after a workout. It helps support all of your muscles and joints. Have an area that needs a little extra support? Just apply a drop, neat, directly on and massage in.



Sometimes mom life is hard, right?!?! Sometimes it feels like alls you do is yell and say "no". Well at least  I do, and sure hope I'm not the only one lol. And some days you just have all the feels. On any of those days, when we need to give our emotions a little extra support grab this one. It's smell is so nice and calming. I simply take a deep breath in when I open the bottle and then dab some on my wrists and behind my ears. I will do this periodically throughout the day as needed. Great emotional support and clarity.


Sacred Mountain-

This is another great one to help support our emotions, balance, and grounding. It's very woodsy smelling and is wonderful to diffuse at night and i like to add lemon with it. I like to apply this one along my hairline, behind my ears and on the bottoms of my feet.


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