Friday Favorites


This week's Friday Favorites is courtesy of Alison MacMillan:

Hi, I'm Alison! Brian and I have been married almost 13 years and have three wonderful kids. Brian is a fire captain in our small town of Fallbrook and we absolutely love it here! We love Jesus, camping adventures, Disneyland, the beach, spending time with family, and renovating our farm home that we moved into last year!

My Top 5 oils (outide of the Starter Kit) are:

Orange- I love any of the citrus oils, but orange is my favorite! I add it to roller bottles for an uplifting sent, and diffuse it with pretty much any other oil and it smells amazing! I also like to add a drop or two to my water to support wellness and for a fresh flavor!


En-r-gee- This one supports energy and motivation which is a total lifesaver. I like to apply this one straight to my wrists and neck when I need it, and diffuse it with something citrusy!


Lime- Lime has a fresh and vibrant scent. I'm in love with it! I defuse it with purification or lavender. It also makes for a super yummy infused salt rimmer for margaritas!


Cedarwood- Cedarwood is great for sleep support and hair support. We diffuse it and put it in roller bottles that we use before bedtime each night. My mascara has one drop of cedarwood and lavender to promote lash health. I also have it in a pretty little spray bottle mixed with lavender and rosemary that I spray on the roots of my hair every night to promote growth and health.


Vetiver- Vetiver is used for emotional support, as well as sleep support. This is my favorite oil! It has a calming and soothing effect on the central nervous system. This is the main oil in my favorite roller bottle blend that supports my emotional wellness every day. I can't live without this one!



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