Friday Favorites


This week's Friday Favorites is courtesy of Katelyn Culwell:

I'm Katelyn and I am a preschool teacher, student, and nanny.

I started my oily journey because my immune system needs a lot of help because: 1. I had cancer and am immunocompromised and 2. I'm around germ-filled kiddos all day!

My Top FIVE outside the kit! 

Lime | Good for your digestive system, immune system & respiratory system ++PLUS when you smell it you literally want to drink the whole bottle it smells so yummy!!

Valor | Helps muscle & bone, skin, the nervous system & emotional balance ++PLUS it's said to be the unicorn oil of all oils, so much "magic in each drop." 🦄

It's the reason I got my kit in the first place!

Orange | 🍊Good for digestive system, immune system, emotional balance & skin ++PLUS if you use one drop on your Thieves toothpaste you'll see quite a positive difference!

Peace & Calming | It's all in the title...peace and calming! Helps the nervous system & emotional balance ++PLUS I think those unicorns gave their tears for this oil to help support 😴

 Bergamot | Helps digestive system, emotional balance (the smell makes me so happy) & skin support ++PLUS you can combine with other oils for a beautiful smelling perfume!

Find me at @essentiallymissoily or @misskatejay on IG

Young Living is the best y'all: