Friday Favorites


This week's Friday Favorites is courtesy of Jessica Powers-Warren:

Hello!!!! My name is Jessica. I am a SAHM of 4, my oldest is 17, youngest is almost 3. I started my journey with young living last May, because I needed some immune system support. After I had my last daughter, I found out I had an autoimmune disease. So that meant I got sick a lot, and once I got sick, I stayed sick for a long time. Since using my Young Living oils, I don't get sick as often, and when I do, I am not sick forever! These small little bottles of oil have been so amazing for me and my family!

My top 5 oils are: 

Dream catcher to help support my son when he has his bad dreams.

Dragon time to support my hormones during that not so fun time of the month, however I use this all month long for support.

Cinnamon bark I use in my dark chocolate truffles- so amazing and tasty!

Cinnamon can also help curb appetite and help support a healthy metabolism.

Release to help release negative emotions.

And patchouli because it supports healthy skin, and it smells amazing!!!! Patchouli also helps me get refocused, and calms me down. ( this is just my personal experience. The oil may have a totally different effect on you, and that's ok! Our bodies are all different, and each oil works differently in each person, depending on where they need support! Pretty cool, huh!?!?)



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