Watermelon Spritzer


This past week my boys had time off of school for their Spring Break. The weather here in Southern California was perfect, we got to sleep in (well, sleeping in according to our early bird house...the latest to wake up in our house was 7:45, but in this house that's totally sleeping in 😂), and days were much more carefree without our regular scheduled routine. Spring Break was such a teaser for summer vacation, and it left even this momma counting down the days until the last day of school.

I had seen this recipe on the Young Living Facebook page a while back and had pinned it to one of my Pinterest boards for when the time was right. Spring Break seemed like the perfect time to test a nice refreshing drink recipe out.

With only 3 ingredients (one being Young Living's Lime Vitality Oil), it's so easy and I'm sure we will be making more well into summertime. This would be a perfect after school treat, a treat when hanging out by the pool, a nice refreshing drink after doing yard work outside, or even a perfect drink to entertain with at an outdoor barbecue!

Just Blend. Pour. Sip. 

The great thing about a recipe this delicious and easy is that you can add your own little twists to spice things up. I love finding easy recipes and adding creative twists to them!

For example:

Pour this same mixture into Dixie cups, add a popsicle stick, top with a lime slice, and allow it to freeze. Voila! Now you've got these adorable and kid friendly treats...

 Watermelon Coconut Lime Popsicles  

 Or, freeze your watermelon before blending and add some vodka (I added 4oz. to the recipe above) to make a delicious adult version...

Spiked Watermelon Spritzer 


No matter how you chose to enjoy this combo, you won't be disappointed!

Just Blend. Pour. Sip

Your Oil Loving Friend,

Heather Dent

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